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Why Grain Free?

Here at Mummy’s Delight we are dedicated to making all of our pet food without any added grain, meaning that all of our dishes are completely grain free….But why?

To fully understand, we need to go back to our fur babies’ ancestral diet as a carnivore. Dogs and cats were simply born to eat meats, never grains. It was only since World War II, that inexpensive fillers such as corn, barley and wheat were added to pet food to create bulk and keep costs low. Although breeds of our fur babies have evolved over the years, their digestive systems haven’t and still remain pretty primitive and have little natural digestive support to break down cereal grains. So what does this mean for our beloved fur babies? Being unable to digest grains such as corn, barley and wheat can cause a whole host of problems ranging from itchy skin, dull coats, bowel inflammation disorders, obesity, eye, teeth and gum problems, joint and mobility problems and just an overall lack of energy, which absolutely no pet parent wants for their fur baby. In fact, in a recent survey carried out by the British Veterinary Association, it was estimated that over 70% of non-routine appointments were for digestive issues and skin complaints, mainly caused by diet.

What’s more, many dogs and cats can also be allergic to particular grains that are found in their foods. Gluten is not only a common allergen for our human friends; it can also be one for our furry friends too. Grains such as rice, corn and wheat all contain gluten which can cause bad reactions in many dogs and cats. Some of the signs that your fur baby is experiencing a reaction to the grain include upset tummies, constipation and diarrhoea, skin and coat irritation, ear infections and a wide of other health issues. Of course, if your fur baby is experiencing any of these symptoms, we at Mummy’s Delight, will always urge you to contact your vet first but often, a grain free diet can certainly help to alleviate such symptoms if they do persist. Even those fur babies without allergies can still benefit from a diet that has been designed specifically to meet their nutritional needs.

Grain Free

All of our dishes are completely grain free which is great news for pets that have a grain intolerance or sensitivity.

Added Omega 3 Supplement

At Mummy’s Delight, we know how important it is that your fur baby has a food which supports their cognitive function and visual development, which is why all of our dishes contain an Omega 3 supplement, which is an excellent source of EPA and DHA

Veterinary Approved

All of our dishes have been developed with leading experts in both dog and cat nutrition and made with only the finest raw ingredients, which yes, you’ve guessed it, have all been approved by the guys in white coats!

food bowl - why grain free

No Added Artificial Colours and Preservatives

As we are so passionate about your pets getting only the best from their food, we ensure that absolutely no nasties are added to any of our dishes.

A Minimum of 50% Meat & A Minimum of 26% Freshly Prepared Meat

At Mummy’s Delight, we take our meat very seriously indeed as we know that nature intended our pets to eat meat. In order for them to thrive, meat is an essential part of their diet due to the protein it contains. Proteins are absolutely necessary for all aspects of growth and development and to support a healthy immune system.

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