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Our Story

We believe that nutritious, natural, protein rich and above all, delicious food is an absolute must for our fur babies. They are at the heart of our family as we are sure they are yours. They deserve to eat wholesome food which helps them thrive, develop and lead happy lives.

As humans, we know the importance of eating a balanced diet to ensure we maintain a healthy mind, body and soul and here at Mummy’s Delight, we want this for our pets too. It’s never too late to change your pet’s eating habits so make the right choice and choose Mummy’s Delight…after all, we all know that Mum’s know best!

It all began back in 2014 when we became very proud parents for the first time to our daughter. From her first drink of milk to her first taste of food, we wanted to ensure that she was happy, healthy and getting everything she needed to help her grow and develop well. This became even more important when her brother arrived eighteen months later who soon developed food allergies. The importance of giving him exactly the right foods had never been more apparent and after many days and nights of preparing natural and wholesome meals for him from scratch, we suddenly began to think about our other baby in the family – the furry kind and it was then that the penny finally dropped. What were we actually feeding him? We had never given this much thought and when we discovered the true ingredients of his pet food, we suddenly realised why for many years, he had suffered from many bouts of diarrhoea, dry skin and infections. It was time that our fur baby was given exactly the same meals as our children. Natural and wholesome meals with freshly prepared ingredients and so it was exactly this which inspired and gave birth to ‘Mummy’s Delight.’ A truly delicious and nutritious food for pets made with real ingredients. We are passionate about sharing our message with all pet parents who want only the best for their fur baby.

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