So you’ve decided that our Mummy’s Delights are the best way to ensure that your fur baby eats a complete, nutritious and delicious diet and one which will provide them with everything that they need to grow, develop, thrive and lead happy lives. You’re now wondering how to make it a smooth transition from their current diet to our scrumptious, meaty dishes.

For all parents that understand weaning, you’ll know that it can be far from plain sailing. Your pet’s tummy will have become well accustomed to its existing diet and because our recipes boast such a high meat content (a minimum of 50% meat), it can take a little time for their tummies to adjust to this, particularly if they’ve been eating food with a meat content as little as 4%. Our dishes may also include ingredients which they may have not yet been introduced to, so again, it may take a little time for their tummies to get used to these new ingredients. Weaning from a wet food onto a dry can also take some adjusting to. As well as the increased meat content and different nutritional value, dry pet food obviously differs in smell and texture. Therefore, at Mummy’s Delight we recommend that you gradually introduce our dishes over a period of two to three weeks. We would advise that you introduce Mummy’s Delight by mixing a small quantity with your fur baby’s current food and then increase the proportion until you are feeding 100% Mummy’s Delight and it is in line with our recommended feeding guides. Also make sure that their dish is always accompanied with a bowl of water.

Please don’t be alarmed if your pet initially experiences an upset tummy or diarrhoea, as such symptoms can be typical in the weaning journey as their tummy becomes accustomed to their new diet. We all know that Mummy’s know best and no one knows your fur baby better than you. So if after three weeks they are still experiencing such symptoms, it may mean that your chosen Mummy’s Delight dish is not quite right for them and an alternative dish might be more gentle on their tum.

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